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Deformable Rubber Gratings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051881D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-11
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A grating fabricated in an elastic medium may be deformed to change the grating period.

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Deformable Rubber Gratings

A grating fabricated in an elastic medium may be deformed to change the grating period.

Gratings may be replicated in elastic materials, such as methyl-siloxane silicone rubbers. When used as a transmission grating for laser light, it is possible to vary the diffraction angle of any order over a large range by stretching the elastic grating parallel (increase in diffraction angle) or perpendicular (decrease in diffraction angle) to the grating lines.

Such a variable period grating promises wide application as a tuneable filter element not just for visible radiation, but also at other frequencies. In particular, coating of a thin rubber film with a heavy-metal grating may make possible the construction of efficient, tuneable grating filters in the x-ray region. By forming the grating on a prestretched elastomer film, grating periods finer by a factor of two or more than otherwise obtainable may be achieved, with a concomitant increase in resolution.

Chirped gratings may be fabricated by forming periodic gratings in elastomer sheets of variable thickness. A stress applied to the grating causes greater strain in the thin substrate region, and hence a larger period occurs there than in the thicker region of the substrate, as illustrated in the figures. Such gratings offer use in certain signal processing applications.

More generally, a highly elastic film may be stressed to produce a wide variety of not necessarily planar structures, such a...