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Light Weight Cleanable Mask Container Disclosure Number: IPCOM000051963D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-11
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This container provides a unit for the storage of light-sensitive glass masks.

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Light Weight Cleanable Mask Container

This container provides a unit for the storage of light-sensitive glass masks.

In semiconductor technology, contamination that occurs on glass artwork plates must be eliminated or minimized. However, glass plates that are cleaned in a dark room with an ultrasonic bath to remove contaminants must frequently be moved through lighted areas and thence to darkroom stations to generate further artwork. It is very important that the cleaned plates not be re- contaminated during this move. This container provides an effective and efficient vehicle for protecting clean plates during such moves.

The container 10 has a bottom outside case 12 that mates with a top outside case 14 that are secured together by cam latches 16 located on opposite sides of container 10. The cam latch includes lugs 18 and 20 affixed to cases 14 and 12, respectively. A bottom inside liner 22 is provided with a flange 24 that mates with a recess 26 in bottom outside case 12. A foam cushion 28 is provided between the bottom end of liner 22 and case 12. Cooperating top inside liner 30 is provided with flanges 32 that are received in recesses 34 in top outside case 14. A foam cushion element 36 is disposed between the liner 30 and top outside case 14. An annular foam liner 38 is disposed between the flanges 32 and 24 of liners 30 and 22, respectively. A handle 40 is provided on the top portion of container 10 for ease of handling.

As indicated in the figure, the to...