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Text-ledguide Disclosure Number: IPCOM000052239D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-11
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Text -ledguide

         Current text displays are mainly provided by high-cost LCD (segment or matrix) displays.

         In the highly competitive low-end shaver market display function(s) are an added value for the customer. Therefore a research has been carried out on how to create a low-cost display solutions.

         The embodiment shows a light that has to be caught by an input face (coupling face ) of the plastic part. (see 1 figure 1) The second face (2) at an angle more than ca 42 degrees (for PMMA/PC) with the normal will refract this light beam. Than the beam will be refracted in a horizontal direction. Secondly the beam will be refracted into several parts (3) (in a number of parts equal to the number of letters in the word). Each of such a part has a breaking function and forms one letter.

         The light guide is an easily injection moulded part made of a transparent material such as PMMA or PC. Within an electrical shaver the guide can be positioned in between the PCB that contains the led and the housing shell.

         In the second picture a 3d cad view is given of the transparent textguide. Also a top- view is presented where the text (in this case "full") is shown, this can be seen when the text is lit. In the fourth picture a real model of the idea is presented. In this photo the led is switched off whereas in the fifth picture the led is switched on, the text appears.

         The light can be used in: - displays for shavers or any other electrical device, low-cost for-instance aud...