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Hydraulically Operated Cleaning Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000052390D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-11
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This hydraulically operated cleaning device operates to clean objects a closed environment.

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Hydraulically Operated Cleaning Device

This hydraulically operated cleaning device operates to clean objects a closed environment.

The object to be cleaned is placed on paten 10 (Fig. 1). When button 12 (Fig. 2) is pressed, the first stage of step module 14 causes air to enter the rodless horizontal cylinder 16 through a valve 18, resulting in paten 10 moving along cylinder 16 into the chamber 20. When the paten 10 has transported the object into the chamber 20, it contacts a limit switch 22 which activates the second stage of the step module 14, thereby activating the first stage of a second step module 24 that controls shuttle valve 26. Shuttle valve 26 controls rodless cylinder 28 containing spray heads. The spray heads move from the top to the bottom of the chamber and then back again in a plurality of cycles.

Reversal of the movement of the spray heads is obtained by sensing the position of the spray heads with limit switches 30 and 32 switching stages of the step module 24 to affect the change in direction. The number of cleaning cycles made by the spray heads is controlled by a timer 36 which also controls the supply of cleaning fluid to the arms through shuttle valve 68. Timer 36 also initiates a drying cycle by activating shuttle valve 20 to supply nitrogen into the chamber through drying knives 72. A second timer 74 ends the drying cycle and causes the shuttle valve 18 to move the object out of the chamber on the paten.


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