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Typewriter Head Homing Tool

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Original Publication Date: 1981-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-11
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This article describes a head homing tool for single-element typewriter

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Typewriter Head Homing Tool

This article describes a head homing tool for single-element typewriter

The head homing tool consists of three significant parts: the base 1, the pointer 2 and the setscrew 3. After verifying that the motion of the type element T is an absolute minimum (preferably zero) due to shifting from lower to upper case and vice versa (this motion being created by the alignment of a rack and pinion), the typehead is removed and the tool is installed over the upper ball socket 5 and the groove 6 in the leg of the tool is used to locate on the rotate detent lever D. When located as described, the base 1 becomes a rigid member relative to the ball socket 5 and the rotate detent lever D. Now the pointer 2 can be rotated side to side, and the total head play motion can be measured on the scale located at the end of the base 1.

Once this total motion has been measured, the setscrew 3 is tightened to prevent movement of the ball socket 5. The screw that holds the lugged locator to the upper ball socket can be loosened, the lugged locator can be rotated an amount needed to equalize the total motion about the scale on the base 1, and the screw previously loosened can be retightened. The setscrew 3 must be loosened, and the pointer 2 should once again be rotated side to side to verify equalization of the total head play motion. With this total head play motion equalized, the head is now homed within the engineering specification.


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