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Color Printer System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000052616D
Original Publication Date: 1981-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-11
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A system is shown and described for producing individual ink jet color prints at a high rate.

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Color Printer System

A system is shown and described for producing individual ink jet color prints at a high rate.

A color image input to the printer is provided by rolls of customer color film that are spliced together for high-speed electronic scanning. After scanning of a color image (negative or positive) on the original film, by scanner and image processor 10, the information content of this image is electronically processed for color separation, color correction, undercolor removal, image enhancement, and similar purposes. This processed information is stored in electronic storage and control unit 20 only as long as it is needed for the printing process. The last part of the image information is erased when the last color component has been printed, which depends on drying time and would typically require less than one minute of storage time.

Printing of the enhanced image is acco\plished by the continuous-web, full- color ink jet printer 30, which produces an output of individual color prints at high speed and high resolution. In this printer, the continuous-web of paper 31 enters the first print head 32 for the deposition of yellow ink, and is subsequently moved through the first one 33 of a pair of dryers, then turns around at a roller and is moved through the second dryer 34 of this pair. After again turning around over a roller, the paper web is moved through three similar print stations 35,36,37 where magenta, cyan, and, optionally, black ink are depo...