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Technique of Retaining, Saving and Retrieving "Imported Group Name," Relationship Between a Related Group of Non-Text Objects in a Document Disclosure Number: IPCOM000056635D
Original Publication Date: 1988-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-14

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Elliott, JA Kendrick, MR Killebrew, AJ Sheppard, RK [+details]


A method is described which provides a word processing program the ability to break out two or more non-text objects which reside in L3 as one non-text unit into individual non-text objects and maintain a relationship so that when the composite document is converted to L3P and then back to L3 the non-text unit can be reformed from the two or more L3P non-text objects. Each L3P non-text object created because of a particular L3 non-text unit is "tagged" with that NTU name for easy reformation of the L3 NTU. The term "non-text object" refers to a collection of data which can contain such things as voice data, images, business graphs, drawings, data tables, format tables, and so on. The term "composite document" refers to a file that contains both text records and non-text objects.