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High Consistency and High Accuracy Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000060795D
Original Publication Date: 1986-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-09

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Krimm, DL Raider, JW Stidham, JO [+details]


A permanent magnet stepper motor is fine tuned to achieve a very small amount of two phases on step error and/or very consistent torque. A permanent magnet stepping motor 1 has a rotor magnet 2 cooperating with a front stator can 3 and a rear stator can 4. Windings 5 are disposed within the front stator can 3, and windings 6 are disposed within the rear stator can 4. The front stator can 3 is supported on a mounting plate 7, and the rear stator can 4 is mounted on a rear bearing plate 8. At the completion of assembly, the rotor magnet 2 is rotated at a constant speed. The back emf of the winding 5 is sensed over conductors 9 and 10, while the back emf of the winding 6 is sensed over conductors 11 and 12. As the motor 1 is rotated, the back emf from the two windings 5 and 6 is continuously monitored.