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Ink Jet Ink Disclosure Number: IPCOM000061426D
Original Publication Date: 1986-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-09

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Stremel, DA [+details]


This ink jet ink formulation includes a base-soluble dye, also known as an acid dye; a multifunctional dye-solubilizer, polymer plasticizer and humectant of a generic formamide form, such as CH3 CONHCH2CH2OH; a polymer; and water. The preferred dye is nigrosine 02P. The multifunctional component is of the generic form N-2 Hydroxyethyl Acetamide N-Ethanol Acetamide N-Acetyl Ethanol Amide N-Acetyl Amido Ethanol, or N-Acetyl Ethanol Amine CH3 CONHCH2CH2OH of which SCHERCOMID* AME-70 is the preferred brand. The preferred polymer is dimethylhydantoin formaldehyde resin, of which DANTOIN** brand is an example. A specific formulation is as follows, where the percentage figures are by weight. Nigrosine 02P (Purified) 6-12% DANTOIN DMHF 0.0-24% SCHERCOMID AME-70 (Acetamid MEA) 12.5-62.