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Distributed Temperature on Mono-Conductor Wire Disclosure Number: IPCOM000062076D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-17

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Distributed temperature measurements along long horizontal sandface completions have been the interest of operators for many years prompting the interest in Fiber Optics for distributed temperature measurements. Close to a billion dollars has been spent developing the technology for the harsh downhole environment but the reliability and longevity is still somewhat suspect. In addition, the cost to run such systems is almost cost prohibitive any where else but Deepwater. What is needed is a low cost, reliable, proven technology for distributed temperature measurements. The proposed method invention for acquiring distributed temperature measurements utilizes field proven mono-conductor cable with ancillary feed through packers and tubing hanger connectors, temperature sensors adapted to the mono-conductor cable every 10 ft along the sandface completion a supplied by Dallas Maxim and a communication scheme that allows transmission of temperature data from each sensor through a downhole microprocessor to surface along a single line. The novelty is the ability of the mono-conductor line to supply power to the microprocessor and transmit data simultaneously.