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Lens For Simultaneously Directing Audio and/or Video Infrared Rays Toward the Front and Rear of a Vehicle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000062221D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-17

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A lens for simultaneously directing audio and/or video signals transmitted from an infrared light-emitting diode (LED) array toward the front and rear of a vehicle is being developed. The lens is designed such that it is clear enough to avoid degrading the infrared signal transmitted through the lens, and such that it receives a single infrared ray and simultaneously directs the ray in at least two directions, generally toward the front and rear of the vehicle. For instance, the lens is designed such that it can simultaneously direct a single audio and/or video ray toward the front and rear of the vehicle . Upon exiting the lens, the rays can be received at any number of locations in the front or rear of the vehicle. The lens can be designed as a separate component from the housing or bezel of the device from which the infrared ray is emitted. Alternately, the lens can be integrated into a number of places, including, but not limited to, the housing or bezel of a device, such as the housing of a DVD device or as part of an infrared LED array assembly. Finally, the lens could be cast as a single component with the infrared LED array assembly. One advantage of the lens is that it provides a low-cost and simple approach to simultaneously distribute infrared rays toward the front and rear of a vehicle.