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Tractor Feed for Printer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000062714D
Original Publication Date: 1986-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-09
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Schmidt, JA: AUTHOR


A low cost tractor feed for a flat printbar printer with a built-in paper path is described.

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Tractor Feed for Printer

A low cost tractor feed for a flat printbar printer with a built-in paper path is described.

The basic concept employed in this tractor design is the use of two pinwheel tractors spaced in-line on the same side of the tractor paper to maintain alignment rather than the conventional approach of one on each side. Both pinwheels are driven, but have their left to right position fixed just outboard of the cut sheet paper edge. This is acceptable since a 14" writing line and print area are not compromised.

The paper is loaded from a supply box on the floor, up over and onto pinwheel A (see figure). It is then driven by the index system down a tractor path surface to pinwheel B, buried in the machine on the metering roller shaft C just below the printbar D. The paper path distance between the two pinwheels is set so that the holes in the paper line up with the pins on pinwheel B as the paper is indexed forward. The diameter of the metering roller(s) must be the same as the pinwheels to maintain paper squareness. As shown, the metering backup rollers F are in the paper release or tractor feed mode. However, the eject rollers G above the printbar will be engaged. They are overdriven, but slip at a specified torque.

Since this design is a push-type tractor, a "document on demand" function can be easily achieved. Once a job is finished, it could be indexed forward until its bottom perforation is at the cover edge and torn off. The remaining tractor...