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Digital Code to Digital Code Conversion Disclosure Number: IPCOM000074417D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-23
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This is a code converter for conversion between first and second digital codes.

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Digital Code to Digital Code Conversion

This is a code converter for conversion between first and second digital codes.

The converter has first code group input means 10 with four bistable circuits labeled 1, 2, 4 and 8 each having true and complement outputs, together with input gating 10G. The complement output signals are indicated by the bar over the number. A set of five bistable circuits A-E with gating 11G constitute output code means 11 for momentarily holding second code groups representative of the permutations of the first code group.

Two-phase clock supplies successive timing signals 01 and 02 to the input and output means. 01 signals gate data signals into 10 via gating 10G and simultaneously reset all latches in 11 in preparation for the code conversion. As the latches in 10 are selectively set, the input code is converted in logic circuitry 12-20 with converted-code representing signals being presented to output gating 11G. Phi 2 of the clock gates the converted-code signals to latches A-E through 11G and simultaneously resets latches 1-8 in input 10. The converted code group in output 11 is removed from latches A-E between 01 and 02 clock signals.

Correlation between digit positions of code groups of the two digital codes having different code group sizes enables conversion with minimum logic. One of the digit positions (4, C) in each of the code groups may have a one-for-one relationship with the corresponding digit position in another code group...