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Millipede Tapping (distance) Writing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000075652D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Feb-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-24
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This article relates to probe based storage systems. Bringing probes individually in and out of contact with a storage medium during writing and / or reading reduces wear.

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Millipede Tapping (distance) Writing

This idea relates to probe based storage systems. In such a probe based storage system, an array of probes is scanned over a storage medium. The storage medium comprises information in the form of marks. In a particular embodiment, each probe comprises a cantilever with a tip which tip scans an assigned area of the storage medium. In this particular embodiment, information is stored on the medium in form of indentations or non-indentations. The scanning process typically is performed in contact mode with a preloaded pressure to all the cantilevers such that all the probes permanently remain in contact with the medium while scanning.

It is proposed to operate each such cantilever individually and alternately in and out of contact with the storage medium. This way of operation is called tapping mode. The tapping mode can be applied to writing information on the storage medium and/or to reading information from the storage medium. In the tapping mode the probe stays away from the surface of the storage medium by a few nanometer up to the micrometer range at least during a time the probe is moved relative to the medium between marks. In order to identify a mark, the probe is moved from an out of contact position to an in contact position at a location where a mark is expected. The tapping mode is not limited to cantilever / indentation probe storage systems but can be applied to every storage system comprising a probe scanning a m...