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Male To Male Connection Adapter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000076917D
Original Publication Date: 1972-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-24
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Circuit boards carrying male connector pins may be reliably interconnected without cabling.

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Male To Male Connection Adapter

Circuit boards carrying male connector pins may be reliably interconnected without cabling.

Circuit boards are frequently connected to other connector boards for temporary testing or replacement of the circuits. Where both the circuit board and connector board have male connector pins, identical or otherwise, an adapter is required. Two sets of appropriately mating female connectors interconnected by cabling, while commonly used, are expensive and introduce electrical losses, etc.

The adapter carries one double-ended spring contact for each pair of male connectors. The contacts are held between two retaining plates for accurate positioning relative to holes in two guide plates and to allow insertion from each side separately. The retaining and guide plates are mounted in an adapter frame of any convenient shape or size. Each of the contact ends is carried on shafts slidably mounted in a sleeve. The internal ends of the shafts are connected to the opposite ends of a common spring. The external end of each shaft is indented to form a suitable contact surface. Flanges form an enlarged center causing the sleeve to be captured by the retaining plates. A shaft is slidably mounted in each end of the sleeve.

In use, the adapter frame is pressed against the connector board to engage contact indentations with connector pins. The circuit board is then pressed against the assembly to complete the electrical path between connector board and cir...