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Cartridge for Endless Media Loop Disclosure Number: IPCOM000077098D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-24
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Shown is a cartridge assembly for storing an endless loop of media, such as magnetic tape, film, etc.

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Cartridge for Endless Media Loop

Shown is a cartridge assembly for storing an endless loop of media, such as magnetic tape, film, etc.

Fig. 1 is a side view of the cartridge assembly showing spool 10. Spool 10 is formed with hook-like extension 12 (Fig. 2) extending the width of the spool. The inside of spool 10 contains fan blades 18, which rotate spool 10 when air is forced through them. Spool 10 is connected at one end to wheel 14. Wheel 14 may be engaged by detent lever 16 which is externally controlled by a vacuum sensor, not shown. Detent lever 16 stops the wheel and thereby spool 10 so that hook 12 is positioned over the cartridge opening.

Fig. 1 also shows air flow paths 19 and 21. Path 19 is through hook 12 to the vacuum source. The vacuum source provides the suction on vacuum column 24 to pull media loop 11 into the cartridge. path 21 is ambient air through flapper valve 26, which opens at a predetermined vacuum level. With valve 26 open, the air flow is through fan blades 18 inside spool 10 to the vacuum source.

When media loop 11 is drawn from vacuum column 24, air flow path 19 moves the loop up the column and into hook 12. Loop 11 is held firmly in place in hook 12, and air path 19 is cut off. Vacuum now opens flapper valve 26. Air path 21 flows through fan blades 18 causing spool 10 to rotate and wrap media loop 11 around spool 10. The vacuum sensor releases detent lever 16 to allow rotation of spool 10.

When the tail of loop 11 is sensed to be enti...