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Diistor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000077176D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Jun-01
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To a diode conducting in the direction of the transistor collector current.

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To a diode conducting in the direction of the transistor collector current.

In integrated structures such an arrangement is disposed in a common isolated area. This area comprises the collector zone in which the base zone, incorporating the emitter zone of the transistor, is embedded. A further zone, doped to suit the base zone and forming the diode, is embedded laterally to this transistor structure. This four-layer arrangement tends to internal feedback as a vertical and a complementary lateral transistor are combined with each other. There is also the risk of excessive charge-carrier storage in the common isolated region.

These detrimental effects are eliminated by means of the arrangement shown in Figs. 1 and 2. The N-collector zone, surrounded by the insulation, is arranged on a P-substrate comprising a buried N+ layer. In this zone the P-anode of the diode and the p-base of the transistor are laterally arranged, being provided with contacts A and B. Preferably simultaneously, a guard ring P, surrounding the P- anode, is introduced. This ring is conductively connected to the collector zone contacted via an N+ zone and contact C. The N+ zone can be embedded concurrently with the N+ emitter zone provided with contact E.


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