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Drag Clutch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000077472D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-25
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Laybourn, RJ: AUTHOR


This is a clutch mechanism 2 for applying a constant torque to an incrementing drive roller.

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Drag Clutch

This is a clutch mechanism 2 for applying a constant torque to an incrementing drive roller.

Hub 4 is rotatably mounted to shaft 6, while clutch housing 8 and sprocket wheel 10 are fixedly attached thereto. Hub 4 has an input drive pulley surface
12. Slide springs 14, 16 are fixedly attached to hub 4, and bent to ride on inside surface 18 of clutch housing 8. Surface 18 is slightly lubricated, the lubrication being maintained between side wall 20 and back wall 22. Side wall 20 has a large opening 24 to permit passage of springs 14, 16 during assembly, whereas back wall 22 may be completely closed for fixed attachment to shaft 6.

In operation, hub 4 is rotated at a constant clockwise speed by a pulley or drive roller, not shown, acting on surface 12. This rotation drags springs 14, 16 along lubricated surface 18, applying a constant torque to clutch housing 8 in a clockwise direction. With sprocket wheel 10 held by a detent, not shown, output shaft 6 and clutch housing 8 are held against rotation. With the detent removed, shaft 6 is rotated by clutch housing 8 due to torque applied by springs 14, 16.

The amount of torque is controlled by the physical characteristics of springs 14, 16 and by the angular velocity of input hub 4.


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