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Card Stacker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000077854D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-25
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Holovka, C: AUTHOR


Cards, such as credit card mailers, are stacked upright on end directly into cartons.

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Card Stacker

Cards, such as credit card mailers, are stacked upright on end directly into cartons.

After each new carton 1 is prefolded to closed condition (as shown at A) to impart a fold memory at the fold lines, it is placed on bench 2 with its cover 3 back and down and flaps 4 turned outwardly. Carton I is pushed laterally in the direction of arrow 5 with one end guided by plate 6, until it is aligned with stationary guides 7 and disposed below rails 8. Note that cover 3 is turned down along hinge line 9 and held down by deflector 10 on stacker bed plate 11, whereas flaps 4 are held open by extensions 12 of guides 7.

As a card 13 is fed downward edge first by rolls 14 into a chute 15 offset from the end of card stack 16, pusher 17 moves toward the card as retainer plate 18 is retracted upward from the end of the stack. Pusher 17 pushes card 13 toward and against stack 16 against resistance of slide weight 19, which retreats into the open carton. Weight 19 is guided by rails 8 to maintain the stack compacted. When a counter, not shown, detects that the proper number of cards have been accumulated in stack 16, weight 19 is manually withdrawn from the carton; and the carton is pushed by the operator along bench 2 in the direction of arrow 20 to an open area in which the flaps 4 and cover 3 are manually closed, as shown at


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