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Optically Targetable Alignment System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000078631D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-26
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A structure is shown for aligning the ink stream of an ink jet printer.

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Optically Targetable Alignment System

A structure is shown for aligning the ink stream of an ink jet printer.

In Fig. 1, an ink jet nozzle assembly 1 with nozzle 2 is mounted in an aiming carriage, not shown, but described in detail in the IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin, Vol. 15, No. 9, February 1973, pages 2787 and 2788, in an article entitled "Adjustable Ink Jet Head Assembly" by C. M. Denny. The aiming carriage includes a plate 3 corresponding to plate 3 in the Denny article. The pivot point of the carriage is at the exit hole 2a of the nozzle. Nozzle 2 has a spherical surface 2b, which is used in conjunction with fixture 4 to position the nozzle with respect to a pedestal 5. A gutter 6 made of PLEXIGLAS* or other transparent material is fixed to pedestal 5 permanently, and is designed to be the correct height above pedestal 5. The objective is to align the ink stream so that it will pass through the deflection plate - charge electrode assembly i, Fig. 2, properly, when in actual use. Assembly 7 includes charge electrode 8 and deflection plates 9a and 9b.

The alignment procedure is as follows: (1) With the deflection plate - charge electrode assembly 7 removed and the nozzle assembly holding screw 10 loosened, and by tightening screws, such as screw 11, mount the aligning fixture 4 on pedestal 5 so that it traps the spherical surface 2b on nozzle 2. Tighten the screws 10 that fix the nozzle assembly to the aiming carriage 3 and remove fixture 4. (2) Adjust...