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Facilities for Automatic Source Program Production Disclosure Number: IPCOM000078795D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-26
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These Facilities for Automatic Source program Production (FASPP) provide the user with means for generating a precoded source program in PL/1 OS language.

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Facilities for Automatic Source Program Production

These Facilities for Automatic Source program Production (FASPP) provide the user with means for generating a precoded source program in PL/1 OS language.

Following the analysis of program design specifications, FASPP generate the expected source program comprising also details and instructions introduced by the programmer, information relative to the selected files and tables, and the selected functions. Function statements are available from standard PL/1 language and from a set of specific key words. The program reduces and avoids repetitive operations of program drafting by completely managing, besides other services, and automatically producing the necessary statements relative to record and file structure definition, read and write routines, table loading and relative element searching, format instructions and edit routines.

Instruction phase: As a result of the program design specification analysis (Fig. 1), a plurality of card decks are produced. According to punched data, cards are classified as follows:
SK 0.-- Updates the Filename entry table and File Definition statements.

SK 1.-- Contains the field name, length and attribute at the field level.

SK 2.1- Contains the Print Filename and updates the Print Filename entry table.

SK 2.2- Contains data for the automatic generation of the Format List table.

SK 2.3- Contains data for the generation of the Data List table which is also based on the Format List table.

The above data are used for determining the appropriate structure of records and for developing the statements of relative I O access method. The structure of the record is determined by the use of a stored table containing field names at higher level.

Information contained in cards SK 2.1, SK 2.2 and SK 2.3 is sufficient for developing the statements for calculation and editing of values in the various lines in a stream type technique.

Routines for the automatic research of tables are then developed for loading table elements in tables of predetermined dimensions. All these developed statements and routines are stored in the Workarea of a disk file.

Production phase: Reading of the first card of PL/1 statement card deck determines the transition from the instruction phase to the production phase. During this p...