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Laser System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000078802D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Mar-01
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This laser system has a high-efficiency optical pumping source.

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Laser System

This laser system has a high-efficiency optical pumping source.

An array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), e.g. twenty, are mounted on a ceramic printed-circuit board 1. The LEDs are aligned with one focal line F1 of a semielliptical reflector 2. A laser rod 3 is aligned with the other focal line F2 of reflector 2.

In operation, the LED array and reflector 2 coact as a high-efficiency optical pumping source for rod 3. More specifically, the LEDs of array 1 are forward biased to emit light. The light ray traces C from the LEDs are focused by the reflector 2 into the rod 3, causing the latter to lase. In turn, rod 3 emits light 5 from each of its ends.

Board 1 is preferably a beryllium oxide ceramic type. Its etched printed- circuit pattern maintains the mounted LEDs in the appropriate optical alignment. The LEDs are preferably connected electrically in series by the printed-circuit pattern. Excess thermal energy Is removed from the bottom surface 6 of board 1, which also acts as a heat sink.

Preferably, the LEDs are GaAlAs types and the laser rod 3 is a Nd:YAG type.


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