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Fiber Optic Coupler Disclosure Number: IPCOM000079304D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Jun-01
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This optic coupler is particularly useful in an optical data bus communication system.

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Fiber Optic Coupler

This optic coupler is particularly useful in an optical data bus communication system.

Coupler 1 consists of four fiber-optic elements 2-5 shown in exploded view in Fig. 1. The opposing end faces 2a, 3a of elements 2, 3 are contoured at 45 degrees angles. Dielectric material coatings, not shown, are applied to one of the faces to form a beam splitter. The faces 2a, 3a are joined and a groove, i.e., grooves 6 and 7, are formed above and below the beam splitter to receive the end faces 4a, 5a, respectively, of elements 4, 5.

In Fig. 2 four linear arrays 12, 13, 14, 15 of fiber-optical bundles are joined in this manner. The couplers are bidirectional in operation.

One method of forming an array of couplers uses the two piece fixture 16 of Fig. 3. The fiber-optic elements of the array are placed in the parallel semicircular aligned grooves 17 of the fixture 16. Thereafter, the fixture is placed in a mold, not shown, and a clear epoxy is placed in the hollow section 18 formed in the center of fixture 16. After the epoxy cures and hardens, the fixture is removed from the mold.

Thereafter, the hardened epoxy section 19, Fig. 4, is cut into two pieces at a 45 degrees angle. Then it is removed from fixture 16. This forms the two 45 degrees faces in each of the so severed fiber-optic elements contained in section
19. The opposing 45 degrees faces are ground and polished and the dielectric coatings applied to form the beam splitter. Next, the opposing 45...