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Deflecting Ink Jet Head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000080628D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-27
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Ink jet printers generate characters by depositing ink at discrete points in a given matrix.

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Deflecting Ink Jet Head

Ink jet printers generate characters by depositing ink at discrete points in a given matrix.

When using a traversing on-off type of print head valuable time is normally lost, because of the travel time between characters. To overcome this difficulty, one or more ink jet nozzles 10 may be pivotally mounted on a common traverse bar 12. The bar is movable in the direction of the print line for forming the character matrix in that direction. Pivots 14 permit the nozzles to rock in the direction along the print line and springs 16 provide a restoring bias for the nozzles.

A common cam 20 driven, if desired, by the same stepping motor that moves the traverse bar 12, rocks the nozzles 10 in unison so that the traverse bar can be moved along the print line at higher than the normal printing rate to reduce the traverse time between characters. At the same time, the cam 20 rocks the nozzles in the opposite direction to motion of the bar 16, to reduce the relative motion of the nozzle and paper and maintain the maximum actual printing rate. The nozzles 10 may then be restored rapidly by the bias springs 16 between characters, so as to maintain the maximum printing rate and reduce the traverse time between characters for an overall faster effective printing rate.


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