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Producing Multiangular Solder Glass Frames Disclosure Number: IPCOM000081262D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-27
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Takamori, T: AUTHOR


A structure is provided for making and storing preformed frames of solder glass.

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Producing Multiangular Solder Glass Frames

A structure is provided for making and storing preformed frames of solder glass.

It is desirable, when sealing two glass panels together, to employ solder glass to make the seal. The structure described herein provides for making and storing a multiangular spiral of solder glass directly from a melt, whereby individual pieces of solder glass can be snipped off, when needed, for soldering similarly shaped glass panels to each other.

As seen in the figure, glass tubing 2, suitable for soldering glass panels to each other, is drawn gravitationally from a melt container 4 and wound on a mandrel 6 that is rotating about its axis and is moving along that axis relative to the descending glass tubing 2. The mandrel 6 comprises two parallelly disposed frames 8 and 10, each of which has holes 12 for accommodating a plurality of wires 14 that fit snugly into such holes when inserted.

The inserted wires 14 form a hollow geometrical pattern that is variable so as the solder glass 2 is drawn in tubular form from the melt container 4, it is wound about the wires 14 without their ends meeting. Consequently, the wound solder glass 2 is in the shape of a spring lock washer and the tension in the solder glass helps the latter to maintain a grip about the wires 14. After winding of the solder glass 2 has been completed, an individual rotation of glass tubing, having the shape determined by the original insertion of wires 14, can be snipped...