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Window Panel Assemblies

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000081307D
Original Publication Date: 1974-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-27
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These assemblies provide frontal access to components located in a panel box or the like.

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Window Panel Assemblies

These assemblies provide frontal access to components located in a panel box or the like.

The assembly of Figs. 1 - 3 includes two end caps 10 and two elongated strips 12, 13. Each plastic molded cap 10 has two outer portions 10A, 10B and a resilient springlike center portion 10C. The vertical edge of the window slot or cutout of panel 15 fits in the groove formed between portions 10A and 10C, cf. Fig. 2. Lens filter member 16 is inserted through the slot 10D of portion 10A. Each of the plastic molded strips 12 and 13 are provided with two grooves 17, 18 in which are fitted a horizontal edge of the panel window cutout and an elongated edge of member 16, respectively, cf. Fig. 3.

In operation, the filter member 16 faces the alphanumeric display modules 19, which are mounted in sockets 20 located on a printed-circuit board 21. To service modules 19, member 16 is removed via slot 10D of one of the caps 10.

The assembly of Fig. 4 includes a central lens filter member 30 which is resiliently fitted to the upper and lower edges of the panel window slot via longitudinally extending tabs 31, 32. A pair of end caps, e.g., cap 33, is provided with grooves, e.g., groove 34, in which are inserted the ends of central member
30. Finger detents, e.g., detent 35, are provided in the end caps 33 to facilitate insertion and removal of the assembly with the panel window slot.


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