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Automatic Voltage Regulator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000081632D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-28
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This circuit provides automatic voltage regulation for a given current range.

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Automatic Voltage Regulator

This circuit provides automatic voltage regulation for a given current range.

The circuit of Fig. 1 has an output voltage versus load current characteristic, as shown in Fig. 1a. For a desired current range 0 - Id, the voltage regulation is substantially constant. If the current exceeds the value Id, the current "folds back" until it reaches the value Imax at which point the output voltage goes to zero.

The circuit of Fig. 1 is part of a power supply, not shown, which is used to test integrated circuit boards and the like. It includes a buffer or switching circuit, i.e., discrete transistors 1 and 2, in conjunction with an integrated circuit voltage regulator 3, such as a Type uA723 module. A feedback loop 4 is connected to the base of a drive transistor 5, which is part of a Darlington output main regulator, cf. transistors 6, 7 and 8. Adjustment of the arm 9 of adjustable resistor 10 adjusts the range 0 - Id.

The circuit has the capability of being restored to its initial normal operating condition, whenever a short circuit occurs across the load and the short circuit is subsequently removed.


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