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Safe mains voltage aluminium reflector lamp assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000081714D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-28
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Safe mains voltage aluminum reflector lamp assembly

Aluminium reflector lamps are trend-setting in today's lamp business. Mains voltage lamps are expected to have hazardous situations related to creep distances for this type of lamps. To counteract these hazardous situations, a separate chamber is defined to separate the aluminum reflector from the burner in the base of said lamps. This is shown in the figures below.

The assembled lamp

The fixation of the reflector on the base can be done by locking the tabs (formed out of the hole in the reflector) with cement in the two separate compartments of the base.

The burner is fixed in axial position by means of welding or forgings of the burner poles in the 2 contacts of the base, the pinch of the burner is radial limited in position by the special burner-hole in the base.

In this image it is clearly visible that the glass of the burner is in no contact with the reflector. The reflector is located on the protrusion of the base (accurate radial and axial position), the burner position is on the burner hole

a burner

a reflector

a base

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