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Lamp having an odour carrier Disclosure Number: IPCOM000081730D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-28
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Lamp having an odour carrier.

Currently GLS caps like E-27 caps for incandescent lighting are made out of an aluminium cap with a glass insulator and a contact pin. This cap is fixed to the bulb with kit. These incandescent lamps generate a lot of heat while emitting light where temperatures in the luminaries can reach over 200 degree C.

Some odour spreading devices generate heat to evaporate specific odour/ smell particles at the desired time in the desired room and quantity.

Some companies use odour in their products to strengthen their brand as the smell sense emotionally affects the human being 75% more than any other sense like visual logo's, sound etc

A whole new market of potential odour buyers is left untouched. Integrating s mell into GLS-bulbs could also strengthen a brand. Why not combine odour with GLS- lamps to offer ambient lighting or integrate a smell that people recognize in the market and will strengthen that brand (and sales volumes!).

The proposal is placing odour in or around the GLS-bulb that is slowly released at the continuous use temperature of the lamp and so generating only a smell when being used. There are many ways of integrating the odour into or around the GLS-cap/ bulb as the following examples show:
1. This can be an odour carrier wrapped around the bulb close to the cap (see fig 1.) The odour carriers/ holders could be made hollow (more volume, longer & adjustable smell). This carrier including the...