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Exchangeable reflector for aluminum reflector lamps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000081732D
Publication Date: 2005-Feb-28
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Exchangeable reflector for aluminum reflector lamps

Aluminum reflector lamps are trend -setting in today's lamp business. The popularity for mains-voltage "clickline burners" is increasing significantly. The choice in beam performance for a reflector lamp is basically done either with the choice of the installed fixture, or done by the choice of the reflector lamp.

However, choosing the fixture in installing may hamper the flexibility in use light while replacement of the burner (at end of life) needs attention to choose for the right lamp/beam. Flexibility is an issue especially in shop lighting, which during reorganising of the shop window needs readjustment of the lamp/beam.

The implementation of a special reflector with a separate chamber is defined to separate the aluminum reflector from the burner in this type of lamp and to meet the desire for flexibility.

a) 'a reflector-fixture -interface' for instance GU10 combined with, and
b) 'a reflector-burner-interface' for instance G9 an d the base

The combination with a for the lamp designed reflector is expected to have better performance (with relation to tolerances and burner exchange) than the competition. Also promoting the use of the reflector for more than one burner life.

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