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High Speed High Vacuum Swivel Feed Thru Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000081859D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-28
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This device transmits high-speed swivel motions into a vacuum enclosure.

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High Speed High Vacuum Swivel Feed Thru Device

This device transmits high-speed swivel motions into a vacuum enclosure.

In order to minimize stress and strain on the sealing membrane, it is necessary to locate the connection between the sealing membrane and the swivel bearing at the point where the swivel mechanism moves the least, i.e., at its center of rotation.

A circular elastic sealing membrane 1, fabricated from a high-vacuum compatible material, is clamped at its inside diameter between two halves of a steel ball 2, and at its outside diameter by a clamping ring 3, thus maintaining vacuum integrity at these locations. The ball halves are confined between two spherical bearing races 4, fabricated from a self-lubricating vacuum-compatible material, thus completing the swivel-bearing assembly. As shown, the ball halves 2 are relieved to avoid contact with the sealing membrane during rotation. The entire swivel assembly is inserted through a hole in the vacuum chamber 5 and can be sealed from atmosphere with a conventional type "o" ring 6. A rough- pumped vacuum 7 on the lower seal chamber reduces the stress on the membrane to a negligible level and also enhances the sealing ability of the system.

Since the bearing friction is small and the double pumped seal itself imposes a negligible load, the device is ideal for translating motor-driven high-speed "X-Y- theta" motion in ambient to equal amplified or deamplified motion in high vacuum.


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