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Pulsed Liquid Cooled Heat Radiator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000082695D
Original Publication Date: 1975-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-28
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Gilliland, JW: AUTHOR


This arrangement is especially adapted to a Braille electrothermal character display.

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Pulsed Liquid Cooled Heat Radiator

This arrangement is especially adapted to a Braille electrothermal character display.

A heat radiator 10 forms one dot of a Braille cell. Other similar radiators form the other necessary dots. The radiator 10, along with other selected radiators, not shown, is raised to a temperature greater than that of the base heat/sink 12, by selecting an electrode 14 and passing electric current through a resistive heating element 16 to a common electrode 18.

The temperature is maintained at the radiator 10 until a cooling cycle is necessary as for a change in Braille character. Then a solenoid 20 is energized forcing a piston 22 to raise the level of a cooling liquid 24 (proposed to be water, or saline, or some other heat conductive liquid), until the liquid contacts both the heat radiator 10 and the base heat/sink 12. Heat then flows between these elements 10 and 12 until the gradient is reduced to near zero. The solenoid 20 is de-energized allowing the coolant level 24 to recess to its uncompressed level, creating a void 26 between the elements 10 and 12.

The heat radiator 10 is now ready to be elevated in temperature during the next cycle, as by selecting the various electrodes to display a new Braille character.


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