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Underscoring on a Nonimpact Printer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000082869D
Original Publication Date: 1975-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-28
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A method for underscoring on a nonimpact printer is described.

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Underscoring on a Nonimpact Printer

A method for underscoring on a nonimpact printer is described.

Underscoring on an impact printer involves the operation of holding the paper in a fixed position, while printing a line of print characters followed by the underscore line. The effect of this operation is to have two or more lines superimposed on one another. However, since printing on a nonimpact printer involves some form of image transfer, it is not possible to operate the same kind of underscoring function as that used on impact printers.

Printing with underscores on a nonimpact printer is accomplished by using character sets with designed-in underscores, that is, all the characters in an underscore character set have an underscore designed into the character, and the characters are otherwise identical to those in the nonunderscored version of the same character set.

When using underscores in a character set, both the underscore character set and the regular version of the character set must be loaded into the printer. The print line data transmitted to the nonimpact printer references the nonunderscored version of the character set. First, the print line is transferred to the system with a write and no space command, then the underscore characters are transferred.

An algorithm is provided whereby the printer detects a character conflict resulting from multiple characters (a character plus an underscore) to be printed in the same print position. The algorithm s...