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Shape of integrated halogen lamps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000083332D
Publication Date: 2005-Mar-01
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Shape of integrated halogen lamps

This invention includes three kinds of shape of integrated halogen lamps: normal, Softone and GLS. Philips already has a kind of compact halogen lamp integrated a ballast inside the lamp shell. And to expand the halogen family, we have come up with some ideas of Philips Softone and GLS shape. There are three shapes showed in this invention disclosure: nominal, Softone and GLS shape. The nominal shape only has the patent in Europe. And the other two are the new ideas which may bring Philips benefits. To prevent these ideas from being copied by other competitors in APR, we must have the patent for protection. The electronic part and the burner are fixed. And there are three kinds of bulbs: nominal reflector, Softonee bulb and GLS bulb. The following three pictures show the rough.

Nominal GLS shape Softonee shape

The nominal shape already exists in Philips. GLS and Softone shapes have been applied in other lamp families in Philips. To expand the Halogen family, the two shapes will be graph in. This invention disclosure is applied for Halogen lamps. And it can be extended to other applications.

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