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LookPoll: A Method Of Automatically Passing Data Between Windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000083525D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-01
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LookPoll uses the system clipboard as an interface between emulators and LookAt to provide a way to automatically look up *z/OS messages.

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LookPoll: A Method Of Automatically Passing Data Between Windows

A program is disclosed that provides a way to automatically look up * z/OS messages that appear on emulator windows. Currently, LookAt can be used, by entering the message ID in the interface or by LookAt command in a DOS window. Neither of these methods provides automation. It is possible to create an emulator macro to pass the message ID from the emulator window to L there are at least a dozen emulators available. Therefore, at least a dozen macros would have to be and supported. A more generic solution is preferable. LookPoll uses the *Microsoft Windows clipboard as an interface between emulators and LookAt. It offers the following advantages:

Is not specific to any particular emulator.

Uses a basic and stable operating system feature. Is easy to adapt to other applications. The LookAt user creates a profile that tells LookAt where the directory and index of messages and codes books are stored. This profile also includes the titles of the user's emulator windows. The user enters these titles either by typing them into the file or by selecting the windows through the LookAt interface. LookPoll reads the profile and stores in an array the titles of the emulator windows. It then searches for these windows. After it finds at least one window, it waits for the user to paste data onto the clipboard. When the user pastes data onto the clipboard, LookPoll determines if the data came from the emulator. If...