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Personalized instant messaging quirks revealed Disclosure Number: IPCOM000083526D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-01
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Personal glossary for users of instant messaging applications

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Personalized instant messaging quirks revealed

Disclosed is a new feature for instant messaging applications - a personal glossary that is maintained by the user, and stored with his profile on the instant messaging server. The personal glossary could define acronyms, unusual emoticons, or anything personal and significant to the user. A person's name, a place, anything can have a special meaning. When the user sends an instant message containing one of more words defined in his personal glossary, the words are highlighted in the recipient's instant messaging client. The recipient can then click on or mouse-over the words to see the user's definition.

Here is an example session.

<Terry>: Hi Lily, what are you working on these days? <Lily>: I am working on <highlight> TLA </highlight>

Terry thinks to himself, "What in the world is TLA?", so he mouses-over the highlighted word and sees, "TLA means Three Letter Acronym. Substitute your favorite TLA here."

<Terry>: Sounds like loads of fun <highlight> :-/ </highlight>

Now Lily thinks to herself, "What does that emoticon mean?" She mouses-over the link and sees, "I am being sarcastic, but positive."