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Magnetoresistive Head Manufacture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000083656D
Original Publication Date: 1975-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-01
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This magnetoresistive magnetic read head is distinguished by its ease of fabrication.

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Magnetoresistive Head Manufacture

This magnetoresistive magnetic read head is distinguished by its ease of fabrication.

As shown in section, this head consists essentially of a support 2, insulating material 4, 6, 8 and 10, magnetically permeable material 12 and 14, magnetoresistive element (MR) 16, contact 18, lead 24, closure block 20 and encapsulating material 22.

It is manufactured by starting with L-shaped support 2 having one leg of height d, which may be greater than the desired final height of the head. One surface of support 2 is coated with insulation 4, and then in succession by permeable material 12, insulation 6, permeable material 14 and insulation 10. Alternatively, stack 12, 6, 14 and 10, or portions thereof, can be supplied in the form of a prefabricated sandwich as taught in U. S. Patent 3,813,766.

The under surface common to support 2 and the deposited material is lapped or otherwise flattened and coated with insulation 8. Subsequently, MR element 16 and lead 18 are deposited and the head closed with closure block 20. Finally, conductive wire 24 is connected to lead 18, the core filled with encapsulating material 22, as desired, and the upper head surface lapped as needed to provide the final head height.


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