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Optical Effect Materials Disclosure Number: IPCOM000083732D
Publication Date: 2005-Mar-01

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Cosmetic and Personal Care formulations demonstrating the use of platy TiO2 demonstrate the versatile use of such a material.

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Document 1:           Platy TiO2Disclosure


Optical Effect Materials

Attached are a number of formulations demonstrating the use of Platy TiO2


Liquid Foundation


 PHASE            INGREDIENTS                                                                                          % WT.

      A.               Xanthan Gum (Keltrol T)1                                                                                0.20

                        Cellulose Gum (CMC 7LF)2                                                                            0.20

                        DI Water                                                           (q.s. to 100%)                     70.00                                  

      B.               Triethanolamine (TEA 99%)3                                                                           0.65

                        PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (Cetiol HE)4                                                              6.00

                        Preservatives (Water Soluble)                                                                         q.s.

      C.               Talc                                                                                                             0.75

                        Iron Oxides                                                                                                   1.20

      D.               Ultradescence™ Gold(Titanium Dioxide)5                                                     5.00          

      E.               Isopropyl Myristate                                                                                        2.00                             Oleyl Alcohol (Novol)6                                                           ...