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Telephone Operator Interfaces Disclosure Number: IPCOM000083823D
Original Publication Date: 1975-Aug-01
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An IBM System/7 Toll Ticketing System is shown communicating with a telephone operator position.

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Telephone Operator Interfaces

An IBM System/7 Toll Ticketing System is shown communicating with a telephone operator position.

In the telephone applications area, tie need exists to connect a calling subscriber 1 to an operator in the central office 2 for various functions, depending on the type of call in progress. This necessitates having a control processor 3 such as a System/7 control both the voice path 4, 11a, 11b to the operator as well as the signalling mechanisms in the operator position 12.

The IBM Toll Ticketing System uses a totally software driven multiplexer 5 and resource matrix 6 to accomplish these functions. A maximum of 12 local operators or 2 remote operators 13 can be linked to the System/7, using a maximum of 16 digital input points (DI) as a data bus 7 and eight digital output points (DO) as a control bus 8. This arrangement minimizes the required System/7 DI and DO points required in favor of the multiplexer.

A typical call sequence is as follows. The calling subscriber 1 dials the called number using either Direct Distance Dialing (1+DDD) or Operator Assisted Direct Distance Dialing (0+DDD). The central office equipment 2 will provide the path through the office to reach the called subscriber 9. Depending on the type of call one or more operator interactions may be required.

When operator intervention is required, the IBM Toll Ticketing System will interrupt the voice path 10 between subscribers and route it through the resource matrix se...