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Article Handler Disclosure Number: IPCOM000085762D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-02
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Shown is an article handling device for positioning an article.

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Article Handler

Shown is an article handling device for positioning an article.

An article in the form of cartridge 10 is inserted through hole 12 of front ramp
14. The cartridge 10 enters tube 16 which is held horizontal by spring 18. Due to the weight of the cartridge 10, the force exerted by the spring 18 is overcome and the cartridge falls through a semi-circular path guided by ramp 14 (Fig. 1B). As tube 16 with cartridge 10 rotates, gate 20 which was held up by tube 16 prior to cartridge insertion moves in the direction shown by arrow 22 to block entry into hole 12 and, therefore, prevent a second cartridge insertion and ultimate jam before a cycle completion.

As tube 16 with the cartridge 10 reaches a vertical plane (see Fig. 1C) the cartridge falls off the ramp 14 and free of the tube 16. The spring 18 which held the tube 16 in a horizontal plane is now over center and holds the tube in a vertical plane.

A short mechanical push/kick on the tube 16 in the direction shown by arrow 24 returns the tube to its horizontal position, making it ready to accept another cartridge.


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