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Flat Pack Aligner Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086007D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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This aligner uses the center point of the beam lead span S of a beam lead flat pack F as an alignment reference.

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Flat Pack Aligner

This aligner uses the center point of the beam lead span S of a beam lead flat pack F as an alignment reference.

In Fig. 1, aligner 10 is mounted on a retractable pneumatically operated carriage, not shown, which is aligned with and moves bidirectionally along axis Y. A pair of pivotable precision links 1, 2 have their common pivot 3 located on axis
Y. Pivot 3 is affixed to a pneumatic cylinder slide 4a which slides within tracks 4b of retainers 4c, 4d. Slide 4a is positioned by its cylinder 4 to maintain links 1, 2 in a normally open position. Cylinder 4 is connected to an air supply, not shown, via nipple 5.

Links 1, 2 are connected by link pins la, 2a to pivotable levers 6, 7, respectively, which pivot about respective fixedly mounted pivots 8 9. With cylinder 4 activated, links 1, 2 and levers 6, 7 are in an open position and compression spring 11 is in a compressed condition. The remote ends of levers 6, 7 are provided with elongated cam slots 6a and 7a, which coact with cam pins 6b and 7b located on upper and lower U-shaped alignment carrier members 12B and 12A.

Each of the parallel aligned retainers 12C and 12D includes a compatible upper and lower track in which the members 12A and 12B, respectively, are slidable, the members 12A and 12B being slidably mounted therein with the open ends of their U-shaped configurations being inwardly disposed. Locator surfaces 12E of members 12A, 12B are in juxtaposed alignment with the ends of the leads of pack F.

In operation, a vacuum transport head, not shown, transports the flat pack F to be aligned via its body between the opening formed by the superimposed U- shaped members 12A and 12B, and places it on four locator pins 13 mounted on a suitable frame base 14 and which pins 13 align F on the X axis. The vacuum head pressure is then reduced so as to release F which is now located between the open locator surfa...