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Braille Stylii Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086148D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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This Braille stylii mechanism is simple and includes a correcting or "erasing" feature as well.

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Braille Stylii Mechanism

This Braille stylii mechanism is simple and includes a correcting or "erasing" feature as well.

This stylii mechanism is based on dividing the Braille cell horizontally and providing a unique and separate mechanism for each horizontal pair of dots. These mechanisms may then be stacked to provide cells of 4, 6 or 8 dots.

Braille cells normally consist of 6 dots arranged in columns of three dots. Some numeric Braille codes use only 4 dots (two columns of two). For computer Braille, it is advantageous to have dots 7 and 8 which are added as a fourth horizontal line as shown in Fig. 1.

Considering any horizontal row of dots, only four possible combinations exist as shown in Fig. 2. For example in the top row, there is: neither dot 1 nor dot 4 or; dot 1 and not dot 4 or; dot 4 and not dot 1 or; both dot 1 and dot 4.

Fig. 3 shows a top view of a stylus "wheel" 12. Four surfaces 14, 16, 18 and 20 are provided for the four possible combinations. The remaining circumference is used for gear teeth 22. These mesh with either a round gear or a rack gear to provide a drive train for setting up the specified dot configuration. Alternate means of rotating the wheel are a cable or link mechanism or splined shafts. Dot combinations for each layer of the stylus are controlled from a computer, keyboard or other controlling device.

Embossing is accomplished as shown in Fig. 3 by pushing a die 24 against the paper and forming the paper over the protruding sty...