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Column Degassing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086268D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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By this method and apparatus, gases entrapped in a ceramic slurry are removed.

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Column Degassing

By this method and apparatus, gases entrapped in a ceramic slurry are removed.

In the preparation of ceramic slurry used in forming or casting ceramic green sheets, it is important that trapped gases be removed in order to improve the quality of the green sheets. Conventionally, these gases are removed using vacuum degassing. However, this method is less than satisfactory because frequently a thick skin is formed on the surface, which reduces the efficiency of the operation and also adds to the contamination problems. Further, the composition of the slurry is altered because a relatively large proportion of the vaporizable solvents, etc. is removed.

Column degassing depends in theory on changing the surface tension of the entrapped gas bubble while simultaneously stretching or elongating its spherical shape, causing it to burst and be released from the slurry. These effects are created using the column degassing chamber illustrated in Fig. 1.

Column degassing chamber 10 has an inlet 12 and an outlet 14 for inputting and taking out the slurry 15. The slurry 15 is caused to flow through a sieve 16 containing a plurality of openings 17 which form the slurry into relatively small streams 18. As the streams 18 fall under the influence of gravity, they become thinner in cross section and ultimately impinge on the conical surface 20 at the bottom of the chamber 10.

On exiting from the orifice 17 and continuing to deflector plate 20, the stream of slurry...