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Wafer Chuck Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086279D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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Shown is a chuck for wafer pickup and transport between locations.

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Wafer Chuck

Shown is a chuck for wafer pickup and transport between locations.

The chuck comprises a dished head 1 of anodized aluminum, or other suitable material, provided with a central vacuum port 2, a concave cavity 3 in its bottom surface, and a small peripheral shoulder 4. The diameter of cavity 3 is slightly larger than the wafer, and is provided with a series of openings 5 equidistantly spaced about the chuck periphery.

In operation, the chuck 1 is moved (Fig. 3) over a wafer 6 to be lifted, and the chuck lowered until its peripheral shoulder 4 rests on wafer platform 7. When vacuum is applied via port 2, makeup air enters the handler through openings 5 and flows into the space between the top of wafer 6 and cavity 3 to vacuum port

Since the pressure of moving air above wafer 6 is less than that of static air beneath, wafer 6 will lift until only the edges contact chuck cavity 3. At this point, the path of moving air above wafer 6 is cut off, and the wafer is held in the chuck 1 as long as vacuum is applied to port 2. The notch or flat normally found on wafers allows a small amount of air to flow around the wafer 6 to prevent vacuum action from possibly buckling the wafer.

With the wafer 6 secured in the chuck 1, it can be transported to a desired location and placed there by simply releasing the vacuum at port 2, which permits air pressure to equalize on both sides of the wafer 6 which gently drops onto platform 7.


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