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Mask Control System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086437D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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Described is an effective system of mask utilization and better mask life in manufacturing.

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Mask Control System

Described is an effective system of mask utilization and better mask life in manufacturing.

The system is schematically shown in the flow chart. A central computer system ties all operations together. The system uses a new design for mask frame and cartridge. Each mask is mounted on a frame with a unique binary coded machine readable ID No. All relevant information for each mask is stored in memory against this unique ID number on the frame.

The mask frames are then put in molded cartridges made of clear plastic, so that the ID number can be read outside of the cartridge. Readers located in various stations, i.e., the alignment station, cleaning station and inspection station read the ID number and provide an input to the processor to keep track of each individual mask. Satellite libraries for each photoresist line, hold the masks until release to the photoresist area.

The operator keys in the wafer job number in the mask library guidance display unit. The masks assigned to that job are then sequentially displayed. The operator then removes these masks and brings them to the alignment machine. At each alignment machine, after the ID number of the mask is automatically read, the mask frame automatically unloads itself from the cartridge, the pass factors are automatically recorded and the mask frame automatically loads itself back into the cartridge.


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