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Ink Jet Vacuum Fog Collector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086491D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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This is a fog collector for use in ink jet printers.

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Ink Jet Vacuum Fog Collector

This is a fog collector for use in ink jet printers.

Whenever ink drops 1 impact paper 2 on the platen 3 (Fig. 1) to print a character, a fine mist of ink particles (fog) is created. The fog becomes air borne and contaminates the machine.

Fig. 1 shows an embodiment which minimizes the effect of fog. There is provided a vacuum plenum having a slot 4 for pulling air across the print point of the printer. The slot 4 is the same length as the print line and is placed slightly below it. The plenum is provided with a fan 9 which pulls the air across the print line, into the plenum and then through the filter 5. The air flow does not affect the ink jet stream 1 because the fog particles have a much higher drag coefficient and much lower momentum. In a modified version the slot 2 and the plenum are positioned above the print line.

Fig. 2 shows an embodiment in which the vacuum manifold 6 is positioned close to the platen 7. As the ink jet stream flows through the opening 8 and impacts the paper on the platen 7, the manifold 6 will trap the fog and the vacuum air flow will pull the fog into an accumulator (not shown).


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