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Grooving Tool for Thin Plastic Films Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086532D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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This is an apparatus for accurately machining fine grooves in very thin material.

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Grooving Tool for Thin Plastic Films

This is an apparatus for accurately machining fine grooves in very thin material.

The apparatus comprises a two-part fixture. In one part 12 a recess 18 is cut slightly wider than the material and with a depth slightly greater than the thickness of the material. The other member 10 has means for mounting tool bits 14 so that the bits are adjustable for depth of cut, and each has a small groove to carry away the cuttings. The two members 10 and 12 are indexed together with dowel pins 16 for accurate alignment. To use the apparatus, the material has a tongue portion, which is threaded through the recess, then grasped by the tongue and pulled through the grooving tool. As the material is pulled through, the grooves are accurately cut in the material.

The apparatus can be used for machining grooves in plastic and soft-metal materials with a minimum of distortion. The grooves permit the material to be creased so that the resulting part has a minimal thickness at the folded edge and an accurately controlled distance between the two folded edges.


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