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Holder Positioner for Lens Lap Head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086630D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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The figures show a lens lap holder which positions a head to enable reading of throat height.

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Holder Positioner for Lens Lap Head

The figures show a lens lap holder which positions a head to enable reading of throat height.

Generally, in manufacturing a magnetic head, the head is sliced from magnetic and/or nonmagnetic laminate. The surface of the head, which is positioned relative to a length of media, is then lapped to a desired surface configuration, for example, spherical. The head is positioned in a holder while the lapping mechanism smoothens the surface of the head. In order to establish throat height, the head has to be removed from the holder for reading under a microscope.

To alleviate the problem of repositioning the head whenever a reading is taken, Fig. 1 depicts a holding mechanism wherein hole 10 is bored on surface 20 of steel block 22. Surface 20 is inclined at a 15 degree angle. A locating scribe line is positioned on surface 20. Whenever it becomes necessary to take a throat-height reading during the lapping operation, the holding mechanism (not shown), which positioned the head during lapping, is removed and fitted into hole 10, with one of its slides aligning with the locating scribe line. Due to the fact that the lens lap holder is inclined at a 30 degree angle, the throat height may be read at a 45 degree angle.

Fig. 2 depicts an alternative fixture for reading throat height. The head and lapping fixture is attached to holding means 30 for lapping. Holding means 30 has a horizontal channel positioned on one side for reading throat h...