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Lamp system to realize light toggle function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086975D
Publication Date: 2005-Mar-03
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A lamp system to realize light toggle function

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Currently there is still no CFL-I lamp on the market which is available to toggle the light color. One potential solution is to change the DC discharge current inside the burner direction to move the mercury from one side of the burner to another side of burner and these 2 sides of burner need different phosphor to show different color

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But implement above solution into mass production have difficult in both burner and driver parts.

Burner: Coat one burner with 2 different phosphors will be difficult for process. Also the DC operating burner will have lower efficacy and lifetime comparing with AC operating burner. And switch from one color to another color need transition time which can be long.

Circuit: DC operating circuit to drive fluorescent lamp will be much more complex and expensive then the standard HF circuit.

A much easier way to realize the same color changing function has been come up. The traditional structure of CFL-I covered lamp is illustrated in figure.1 as below:


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The new idea is adding one burner into the system as figure.2 shows below:


It can be found that the new system contains 2 separate burners instead of one. The idea was coating the Burner1 and Burner2 with different phosphor and by toggle switching Burner1 and Burner2 to change the output light color.

Because the new lamp system is using tow separate burners, so it also can use AC current to drive both Burner1 and Burner2 as traditional way doing. And it's relative...