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Personal Computer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000087028D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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The device, serving as a micro-memo, handles many types of Personal requirements relating to organizing and using time.

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Personal Computer

The device, serving as a micro-memo, handles many types of Personal requirements relating to organizing and using time.

A personal computer is described that is about the size of today's calculators. It is designed to store and display all the dates, special events, messages, etc., that a person might write on his calendar or appointment book. The memos that are entered are automatically displayed and an adjustable "beeper" signal is heard when the current date and time matches the date and time internally stored with each memo. Construction.

The computer uses liquid crystal display, a magnetic bubble memory and is powered by a rechargeable battery. Typical specifications are as follows:
(1) Liquid crystal display = 40 characters

7 addressable fields (left to right) Cursor pointer

Field Size Example


Calendar Date 6 Chars 12/21/76

Day 2 Chars TU (for Tuesday)

Time of Day 4 Chars 12:00

AM/PM Indicator 2 Chars A.M. or P.M.

Beeper Intensity 1 Char 5 (Range 0-9)

Message Area 26 Chars

Perm.Store Indicator 1 Char or LED On/Off
(2) Magnetic bubble memory storage

40 characters X 500 messages = 20,000 bytes storage

The alphanumeric keyboard could be made of elastic switch


The keys would be depressed using a pen-type stylus.
(3) Power source

Battery: Nickel cadmium (rechargeable direct from AC outlet). Functional Key Description and Default Values Function Keys
SAVE Stores data on display into memory. When date/time stored TEMP matches today's date/time, the beeper sounds, and the message is displayed. When CLEAR key is hit, message

disappears and is erased from storage.

SAVE Same as SAVE TEMP key, except message is not erased PERM from storage when CLEAR key is hit after viewing. <------>Moves Cursor left or right.

SCROLL Starting with date above, scroll thru messages until SCROLL key is released (wrap around-through 500 messages). DELETE Delete the displayed data from memory.

CLEAR Clear the display. (1 sec. later, the date, time and day appear; e.g., electronic watch).

Default Values If no time is entered, default display time is 12:00 a.m. If no day is entered, day is automatically calculated.

If no AM/PM is entered, default is AM.


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If no beeper intensity is entered, default is 5. Beeper intensity can be overridden temporarily. If you do or do not want to hear all beepered messages, set Override Beeper Control to appropriate value (0-9).

Operation Example #1:
User wants to remember an appointment on 11/23/76 at 4 p.m.

User Result Depress CLEAR key. Display line is cleared, cursor moves to first Position in DATE field.

Enter date 112376. Date is displayed, cursor moves to DAY field.

Day unknown, so use--> Day field is left blank. Computer will key to move cursor to calculate day (which in this case is TIME field. TH) and will see this when SCROLL key is depressed. Cursor is in 1st position

of TIME field.

Move cursor to 2nd Time is displayed. Cursor moves position, then enter 400 to A...